3 Ways You Can Get Your Business Idea Going Quickly

3 Ways You Can Get Your Business Idea Going Quickly

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I recently visited my old job to see if some of my ex-coworkers were still working in the office.  To my surprise, I saw that several of them were still working for the company.  Many of them were happy and content with their job.  However, many others spent time asking me about my business and how they can start their own.

In fact, this has been happening more frequently with individuals that I meet that have a full-time job.  This is probably due to the fact that entrepreneurship has increased so much over the years.  More people are starting businesses from scratch, out of their homes, and online.

I talked to my co-workers for a few more minutes but had to leave because I had an appointment elsewhere.  As I was leaving, one of the new employees there that had gotten hired after I left the company stopped me and asked me the same questions: “I want to start my own business, what is the quickest way to begin?”

Since I was in a hurry, I gave her a quick suggestion of how to get started but emphasized that if she has a business idea, to get started as soon as possible.

One of the things that hinder potential entrepreneurs is hesitation and/or lack of taking action.  Being action focused is one of the best ways to move your goals along faster.  In business, this is also the best way to make sure you are not spending time on something that may not work.

And that is what tends to happen when a person has a business idea but never acts on it.  The idea just sits there.  What complicates things is the fact that ideas may sound good and may even work on paper, but may not translate to success in the real world.  Which is why you should take action right away so that you don’t spend brain space thinking about something that is doomed to fail.

So today I will be sharing 3 ways you can get your business idea going quickly


Utilize All Free and Low-Cost Options

To get started with a business you must decide what tax classification meaning if you want to run the business yourself or start a corporation.  It will cost you some money to take care of the legal stuff but from there, you can utilize a ton of free tools to establish your business idea.

Here are some free online tools that can help you get started.  Keep in mind, these are free options so as your business grows you may need to start paying for their services in order to exude more professionalism.  But for now, these should do the trick.

Free website:




Free/Low Cost Business Cards

Free Logo Services

Vista Prints


Use Virtual Methods

These days many businesses use virtual office services to take of business operations.  In the past, a person would need to rent out an office and hire a staff in order to run a business.  But now things like personal assistants, call centers, and technical support can all be done virtually.

This is a beautiful thing since using technology allows a person to start a small business without investing a lot of money as well as saving time trying to hire individuals to fill certain tasks.  You can also use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to handle some of the technical tasks that you might face if doing business online.

Test Immediately

The first way is something that I mentioned earlier but cannot emphasize enough and that is to move quickly.  This will save you time and your sanity if you can test your business idea right away to see if it is worth pursuing.  Ideas are good, but action is better.

When I worked in banking I had a co-worker who baked unique looking cupcakes everyone she knew loved.  She knew that I was running my business as a side project and asked me one day how she could sell them.  I told her to start a Facebook page that evening and invite all of her friends to like the page and share.

I said to her that her friends may buy from her but see if any strangers where interested.  I said that it is expected that her friends and family would support her but if her cupcakes looked and tasted as great as she thought, people who did not know her would begin to contact her.

She took my advice and started using Facebook right away.  Within a day she came back and told me that someone she didn’t know reached out to her and asked her for an order of cupcakes for her business.

Whatever your business idea is, you need to test it right away to see if what you have to offer is valuable to the marketplace.  If you have a service, try right away to find someone who will pay you for it.  If you’ve developed an app, launch it before it’s perfect to gauge if people want to use it.

Starting a business is easy but succeeding a business takes more work.  Don’t spend time and energy on the start because you will need all of your resources in order to take that business to the next level.



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