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About Potential 2 Success.This website is built on the fact that everyone has the potential to be great. No matter the circumstances or background, success is possible for all. Potential 2 Success is a website helping you reach the next level of accomplishments. This site is about the reader.All of this information is designed to help you maximize your potential.   It takes understanding, information, motivation, and work to achieve the great things in life.  That may be the reason so many people fall short of what they want to achieve and what their purpose in life is.  Here I will present you with a wealth of solid, meaningful, and practical information that will help you stay motivated, eliminate the obstacles, and develop the habits that will make a difference in your life.I have taken the knowledge of all of the resources that I have studied, people that I have met, successes in my own life, and compiled them into this website.  There are no quick fixes when it comes to success.  One of the reasons why I built this site and decided to start sharing my success knowledge may very well be because of my dissatisfaction of most personal development and self-help material out there.Most of my personal posts are between 1,500 and 3,000 words.  This is because I want to fully inform you and give you as much knowledge as possible.  And if that’s not enough, I also add articles every week from experts around the world.  So if you’re ready let’s get started.

When I started Potential 2 Success, I did not consider myself a writer.  However, many of the people who attended an event where was the speaker would ask about my blog or website.  I didn’t have one so I created Potential 2 Success.  Now, there has been over 1,000,000 people that have visited the blog.  I am very thankful and happy that I could influence so many people with my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

About Ralph

I have an insane commitment to my personal growth and I have a work ethic to match. There is not a day that goes by that I do not work tirelessly to make myself better.  My story is a long one but since my articles are already long enough, I’ll keep this relatively short.

My life has had some hardships but I’m thankful to have had a great family which included my older sister who is like my twin, a strong supportive mother, and a wise, strong minded, encouraging father.

I previously worked as an Investment Advisor and I also the owner of a few small businesses that I have recently started.  I now run a digital media startup that has a social media following of over 200,000.  I am a personal development speaker and have been speaking for about 8 years.

Public speaking is my passion because I get to share information, motivation, and direction to a large number of people at once.  This love of helping others is another reason why I developed Potential 2 Success.  I started by joining Toastmasters International where I did very well in their speaking contest.  From there I moved to speaking at universities and now I speak for several associations, corporations and at seminars.

I am a student of life and have read countless books, listen to numerous audio programs, witnessed many great sermons, view dozens of fantastic speeches as well as many other things that will improve my life so that I can improve the life of others.

On a personal note

-I love sports and played a lot of basketball in high school.  My favorite teams is the Miami Heat!

-I worked as an Operations Specialist for one of the largest banks in America.

-I climbed the ladder in the banking industry.  On average, getting promoted every 8 months.

-I landed my dream job as a Financial Advisor that covered 8 offices and allowed me to work remotely if I wanted.

-I wrote my first book in 2010.

-I’ve kicked the TV habit that seems to have many people in trance so television does not have a large influence on me at all.  Same with celebrity gossip.

-I fast about 3 times a year for mental clarity, physical detox, and to improve spiritual strength.

-I’m an early riser so I’m usually awake at  5 am 3 am.


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