Quick Confidence Guide

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Whether you are already a confidence person or you lack confidence, this book gives you strategies and techniques that will enhance your life!


  • Learn how to give dynamic speech presentations

  • Be self-assured on your next first date

  • Increase your physical athlete performance by having more confidence in your ability

  • Gain comfort to initiate conversations with complete strangers

  • Become bolder in your ability to take risk and increase the confidence of the people around you

  • Speak up at business meetings, handle confrontations, and much more.

“The Quick Confidence Guide does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides useful, practical information which can be easily implemented in any number of circumstances.”- Kate Irwin, founder ImprovedConfidence.com 



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Have you ever said to yourself “I’m just not comfortable speaking in front of people” or “I get so nervous on job interviews”?  If you have ever thought that you cannot gain comfort and confidence in a certain situation, this book is for you!You can begin to boost your confidence in the area you lack most.  There are some people who are confident with people but seem to struggle when it comes to athletics.  There are also others who are excellent with numbers but seem to do poorly in sales.There are separate and specific tips and strategies that can be applied to each individual situation that will help you give you a boost of confidence.

A shot in the Arm

The Quick Confidence Guide gives you strategies that can be applied immediately to the area you want to increase your confidence.This book is a guide to help anyone gain confidence quickly in many everyday situations.

There are many books on confidence but most of them deal in generalities and not in specifics.  They outline the nature of confidence.  This book deals with specific situations and then it goes into details on how to gain confidence in those situations.Have you ever known someone who confidence in athletics but has a problem speaking in front of an audience.

Maybe you know someone who has great interviewing skills but gets nervous on dates?  This book has examples and strategies to prepare you to be confidence in a number of different situations.


The Quick Confidence Guide Paperback!

Get Your Copy Today!!!
  Gain Even More Confidence
Paperback Book 

Extended Edition $16.00  Now only $10.00!!!Buy Now


Over 35 Tips and Strategies for gaining Confidence!!!

Chapters Include:

-Confidence During Business Meetings-Confidence to Meet New People

-Confident Risk Taking

-Regaining Lost Confidence

-Confidence to Approach a Love Interest

-Confidence for Introverts

-Confidence Before a Confrontation

and Much More!!!

“Each section is clearly defined so you are able to target your exact needs and gain immediate advice when you need it…there is no fluff or filler here, each topic is introduced with a short explanation and then practical, down-to-earth suggestions are presented to improve your confidence…I definitely recommend this book for people who want ideas to raise confidence in specific situations.”
-Caroline Donnelly, founder Journey To You


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