5 ways to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset by Richard Onebamoi

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An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking like an entrepreneur – passionately seeking new opportunities and executing them well. Creating a mindset that pushes you beyond treating your entrepreneurial ventures as a hobby to entrepreneurial actions that really make a difference in your business endeavors is critical. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is so crucial for any industry if you must succeed. Having said that though, an entrepreneurial mindset should not be dreaded, because of the way it has been mystified. You must develop a passion for learning and acquiring new skills that will be helpful in building your business.

In the Network Marketing Industry as well as any business for that matter, the failure rate is VERY VERY HIGH. Why is this so? One of the most single factor responsible for the high failure rate is because most people come into the business arena with an employee’s mindset, in other words their mindset is not entrepreneurially trained as far as being in business for oneself.  The individuals that come into this industry are Moms and Dads, civil servants and professionals who have never ever owned a business, neither do they possess the skills that are so vital for the day to day running of that business.

What needs to be done is to shift from an employee’s paradigm to an entrepreneurial paradigm. Changing your mindset will be predicated on who you associate with, what you feed your mind on and passion for a continuous learning. The following elements are to be considered on your quest to developing an entrepreneurial mindset:

Read Books:Read good books. Jim Rohn is quoted as saying: “The books you did not read can not help you.” It is very important that you read books that are related to the subject matter that is of interest to you. Read a book that gives new ideas and help you develop new skills. Read books that tell stories of successful people.

Audio Books: Today it is not so difficult to find an audio book on any subject that is of interest to you. You can listen to these audio materials in your car, while going to work or at home when relaxing. It is said that the average car owner sits in his car 500 to 1,000 hours each year and the conclusion is if you listen to educational materials as you drive from place to place, you can obtain an equivalent of full-time university attendance. Wow!

Attend Courses/Seminars: This is one of the ways to bombard your mind with and acquire information on any subject of your interest. It will be impossible not to learn something that will change your thinking and turn your life around. This will help to keep your thinking in the right direction.

Keep Good Companies: Form a mastermind alliance of thinkers. These are individuals you can depend on that can affect and influence you positively in the right direction of your goals. You are often influenced by the people around you, for example if you spend time with solution oriented thinkers, this will inevitably help you to be a solution oriented thinker.

About the author:
Richard Onebamoi is a Pastor, International Speaker and Success Facilitator. He is also a Registered Site Owner of http://www.self-improve-blog.com and http://sceptrepublications.com

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