Guest Post: How to Face an Interview for the First Time

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Guest Post: How to Face an Interview for the First Time

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The word ‘interview’ creates jitters for the first timers. As they are fresh from college having spent time in a different atmosphere of fun and frolic, an ‘interview’ would stare into their hearts with its steely, rigid and serious bearing feelings. Nevertheless, interviews are not that bad or stubborn. Most of the times, these interviews could be interesting and maybe entertaining too. It all depends on the members of the interview panel.

Employment in Delhi or any other metro city is easy to find but tough to get through due to the increasing number of aspirants coming from all the corners of the country. Everyone dreams to live a big, metropolitan city which lures them with its glamor and cosmopolitan culture.


Facing the interview panel is always a never cracking experience even for a seasoned person and hence there is no wonder if a fresher bites his/her nails while sitting in the lounge and awaiting the call to come in. The typical mindset of a fresher on the first interview would be like this:

  • How those interviewers behave?
  • Would they quiz me over the subject or about general knowledge or just kill me with some puzzles which can never be solved?
  • Would I be asked to take a sudden written or oral test about my subject?
  • Am I looking presentable? That person on to my left is looking smarter than me. Would he take away the job?

If you see, most of the above concerns are nothing but the jitters that the first timer is experiencing out of nervousness. If any fresher can keep away the mind from such strenuous thoughts, he/she can do their best in the actual interview.

Here are the few tips to prepare for the first interview and how to face it with confidence:

  • Your personal appearance and dressing sense arouses the first impressions. Hence be sure that you wore the right dress, shoes and other accessories like tie etc.
  • Double check that you are carrying important documents like educational certificates, project works, certificates of rewards & recognition etc. Also, ensure that the interview call letter or printout of the email is with you.
  • Confidence is the key to success. If you respond positively for every question that is being answered, you are on the right track of success.
  • Make your career path before taking the interview as many interviewers would be interested to know what you want to achieve in next 5 years.
  • Answer the questions affirmatively when you know the answers. Exhibit the same levels of positive attitude while answering difficult questions that you cannot answer. Do not hesitate to say ‘No’ for such questions than fumbling or giving wrong answers.
  • Remember that the interviewers would be trying to understand not only your academic knowledge but also your personality. Hence show up the confidence, take the questions cheerfully, be open-minded and welcome the compliments and criticism alike.

Practice makes man perfect” and hence rehearse within your mind on how to conduct yourself during interviews. Your practical experience would add to this simulation and gives you the right levels of confidence to face further interviews boldly.

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