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A few weeks ago I found myself browsing the blogosphere and reading several different blogs.  Eventually, I landed on a blog that I found interesting.  It was called written by Kate Irwin who specializes in self-esteem and self-confidence.  I read a few posts and thought the articles were interesting and well written.

Then I thought, “I wonder what she would think of my book.”

So I decided to ask her.  I contacted her and asked her if she would consider reading the book and giving it an honest review.  At this point, I hadn’t asked any blogger to review the book but I thought Kate would be the best person to ask.  I mean, she is a self-confidence specialist.

She agreed to read it and give it an honest review.  Even though I have gotten great feedback from people who have read the book, I was a little curious to see what she would think of it.  Since she is obviously a great writer on the topic of confidence, I was hoping she found the book valuable.

Imagine my excitement when I read the review.  Not only did she enjoy the book, she gave it a 5 star rating on  Check out The Quick Confidence Guide book review for yourself at her blog

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