The Quick Confidence Guide Is Now on Kindle for $3.99!

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I can remember when I first decided to write The Quick Confidence Guide.  It was about 5 years ago and Potential 2 Success was a few years old and was getting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.  For some reason, my email box began to fill with questions from readers asking about how to increase their confidence.

The questions were not the ordinary inquiries that I was used to.  The readers sending the emails seemed to have specific questions about how to build confidence in a particular area of their life.  When I realized this, I decided to create The Quick Confidence Guide.


The Quick Confidence Guide gives strategies that can be applied immediately to the area of your life where you want to increase your confidence.  This book is a guide to help anyone gain confidence quickly in many everyday situations.

There are many books on confidence but most of them deal in generalities and not in specifics.  They outline the nature of confidence.  This book deals with specific situations and then it goes into details on how to gain confidence in those situations.

Until now, the book has only been available on paperback.  I have recently decided to make it available on Kindle so you can download it and read it anywhere.

In celebration of the book being available on Kindle, I have decided to drop the price for a limited time from $10 to $3.99.  I have also lowered to price of the paperback version.  In case you enjoy the feeling of turning pages.

If you want some quick ways to get a boost in confidence, check out the book on Amazon!



Here are a few things the book contains:

  • Learn how to give dynamic speech presentations
  • Be self-assured on your next first date
  • Increase your physical athlete performance by having more confidence in your ability
  • Gain comfort to initiate conversations with complete strangers
  • Become bolder in your ability to take risk and increase the confidence of the people around you
  • Speak up at business meetings, handle confrontations, and much more.

Don’t forget, the $3.99 Kindle sale price and the $6.99 paperback price is for a limited time.  Visit Amazon to get your copy!

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