Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Been Up to, and Whats Next for Potential 2 Success

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Some of you might have been asking yourself “what ever happened to that guy that wakes up at 3am?”

Well, I’m still around accomplishing as much as I can in life so I can bring the lessons back to Potential 2 Success.

The bulk of the material that I write about on P2S come from my life experiences. Articles like 3am, Start Meaningful Conversations, and Develop Mental Toughness, for example.

So for the past several months I have reached new financial, professional, relational, spiritual, as well as mental plateaus. I have also done several life experiments that have elevated the way I develop habits, relate to people, and how I live my life on a daily basis.


Now, its time to share all of that stuff and more with you.

Even though I share my growth with you on this site, P2S is all about helping you grow. I feel blessed when I step away from the site for a period of time but still get emails, comments, and other “thank yous” from readers. It lets me know that you all are getting value from the site.

So, what have been up to? Here are a few things:


Acquired FINRA investing licenses.

Worked with one of the largest Broker/Advisor firms in the US.

Gave several speaking presentation including one of the largest privately held company’s executives and CEO.

Started another new business.

Bought a new home.

Experimented on how to build effective habit and the “habit loop”

Experimented on different aspects of persuasion.

Increased my focus on effective communication.

Read a TON of new books.

Learn so much about focus, fear, leadership, sales, money, relationships and on and on!


I’m bursting with things to share on this blog! Stay tuned!

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