Why I’ve Never Written an Article About Money on This Blog

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Is it because I’m poor? Is it because I hate money? Is it because I use the bartering system?


None of the above. Although, a bartering system does sound pretty cool.
If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ve seen that I’ve written about a lot of things related to personal development. Some of the most popular being about developing mental toughness, waking up at 3 am, improving communication, etc. But one topic that seems to be absent is an article about money.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, it wasn’t by choice.

The Forbidden Topic: Why I Was Not Allowed to Write About Money


For several years, while writing, speaking, and running my entrepreneurship projects, I also had a career in finance. I worked in financial operations, personal finance and investing for several years. What I dealt with primarily was helping people manage money as well as being an investment advisor, selecting investments for clients, and creating financial plans.


In order to get paid for giving investment advice and creating financial portfolios, a person is required to obtain certain licenses from the organization called FINRA. Those licenses are called The Series 6, 7, 66, 63 and/or 65. I have two of those licenses.

Here’s the catch, the most important licenses you CANNOT get on your own. You must have a financial institution sponsor you. Because the institution pays for you to test for the license and pays about $7,000 a year to keep it active, they put a ton of restrictions on those Advisors that work for the company.

One of those restrictions is that a licensed Advisor must notify their employer of any business activities outside of the company. I was allowed to have a blog, get hired as a speaker and run my media businesses, but I was forbidden from writing or speaking about finance.

I worked for 2 different firms and both did not allow me to speak or write about money, investing, or even saving money unless it was for the company, not my own businesses.
I recently left the firm to run my business’s full-time. My side businesses, writing, and speaking seem to be taking up so much of my time that I could not run them as well as have a full-time job.

For Potential 2 Success, that means I can FINALLY write articles about money! I’ve been dying to share stuff with you!!

Since I have left corporate America, I look forward to updating Potential 2 Success more frequently. Also, I have more big news so stay tuned!

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